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Petra Medi-Spa has been one of the region’s leading medi-spas for many years, and our facility has earned an enviable reputation for providing the highest levels of services to a large, discriminating, and diverse clientele. Under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Cohen, who has been practicing for more than fifteen years, Petra Medi-Spa offers a myriad of innovative procedures and treatments. We are staffed by seasoned, dedicated professionals, including nurses and estheticians, and we customize treatments to help our patients achieve all of their goals, attain lasting results, and meet all of their expectations.

Petra Medi-Spa is not just a typical medi-spa, it is an organization which is fully committed to helping your achieve all of your beauty needs, and become the best that you can be!. Beauty, of course, is in both the outside and the inside, and we strive to help our patients attain eternal beauty!
Petra Medi-Spa combines health and beauty with the latest in cutting-edge science and innovation, and combines it with the highest levels of patient care, services, and support. We are committed to helping each and every patient become their very best.

It is the expertise of our specialists and our state-of-the-art technologies which combine to offers incomparable services, and it is these services which have enabled Petra Medi-Spa to become one the region’s top medi-spas.


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