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At Petra Medi-Spa we offer a new “High Power Solution” procedure called Photodynamic Acne Treatment (PDT). PDT is very effective in treating hard to treat acne and treatment resistant acne. With this treatment a special light-activated solution ” Levulan” is applied to your skin. Levulan is activated by a specific wavelength of light that targets and destroys acne activity. This treatment also diminishes older acne scars, leaving your skin smoother.


Acne has been an ongoing issue among people across the country. It normally believed that acne is only a problem that adolescents have to worry about. This is not the case. People of all ages can have a problem with severe acne and breakouts. There are different reasons why people battle an acne breakout. It could be due to allergies, skin irritation, hormones, or other serious medical situates. The Petra Medi Spa offers acne treatment services to people who are tired of dealing with an ongoing acne problem. Professional assistance in clearing up acne breakout is usually needed after other acne treatments have not worked. The professional services of acne treatment can combat the problem which makes customer feeling happy and refreshed.

At Medi Spa, there is a new treatment that has been proven to be highly effective in treating acne problems. This new procedure of acne treatment is referred to as Photodynamic Acne Treatment (PDT). The treatment procedure is very effective in clearing up acne that has been resistant to other types of acne treatment. This type of acne is very hard to get rid of and clients are in serious need of this type of service. Acne can cause an individual to have low self-esteem and feel like they have lost hope because they have not found a solution.

The treatment being with a light layer of active treatment to the prominent acne areas of the skin. This type of solution treatment is known as Levulan. The Levulan solution is used with a light that uses wavelengths to activate the solution to begin treating the acne. The light that is distributed to the areas of infected acne is reduced and destroyed. The Levulan acts like a fighting agent that eliminates the acne and allows the skin to begin clearing up. The special treatment is very effective and will also attack old scars on the skin that was caused by acne. Once the treatment has begun working, it will leave the skin looking and feeling smooth again.

Clients have a positive outlook after using the treatment and noticing that their acne is clearing up. It gives the clients hope and helps build their self-esteem. The acne treatment is administered by professionals who have been trained and educated on this service and procedures. The diminishing of acne breakouts has a potentially positive outlook on people’s appearance. The acne treatment is effective and provides excellent service to a client who is needing this type of service.

The Medi Spa staff are all highly qualified professionals who understand the needs of the clients and offer them the most effective solutions. The staff that administers the acne treatment is educated in the service and can explain the process to the client. They are able to educate each client about this type of procedure. The Medi Spa staff is informative and will help the clients understand what to expect during and after the acne treatment. The Media Spa staff has an effective and safe acne treatment service to reduce and eliminate acne issues.


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