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Facts about Scar Removal Encino you should know

The skin is the largest organ of the body of man. It is seamless and a big difference in appearance may be seen due to burns, injuries or a surgery that may cause a scar. A small scar or that which can be concealed is not bad since it is not easily noticeable by other people. However, some scars can make one uncomfortable or lower one’s self esteem in the long run.The laser technology is the one of the latest advancements in the medical field. The technology can be used to treat wide range forms of scaring on different types of skins with little risks.

The following should be understood before and after the removal of a scar:

  1. In case of a discomfort, local anaesthetics can be used
  2. After scar removal treatment, your skin will appear red and dry for about a week. The use of Vaseline aids the recovery.

iii. ProFractional laser can be used during the treatment. The laser stimulates new collagen formation.

  1. When ProFractional laser can be combined with Dermal fillers and Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) for optimal results.
  2. The complications experienced after the treatment are rare but they may include mild blisters or a discoloured skin.

Scar removal Encino
How does Fractional Lasers work?

An invisible beam of laser of laser which is absorbed by water is used. The beam is used to wound the underlying collagen tissue of the skin to initiate healing all over again. The laser beam therefore passes through the outer layer to reach the underlying collagen tissue. The laser beam only wounds a microscopic area of the collagen to initiate the healing process. The cells found adjacent to the wound start the process of cell division to heal the wound.

After the treatment, cold packs are used to keep the skin cool to avoid discomfort. The whole treatment procedure takes about 30 minutes with the use of anaesthesia before the start of the treatment. Sunburn feeling which lasts about half an hour maybe experienced after the anaesthesia used wears off. This feeling can be relieved through cool compresses on the area treated.

Three similar treatments which are 1-3 months apart are required to treat the scar completely. This process is effective because it provides ease of treatment with minimal or no discomfort.

The Possible Complications after Laser Treatment

There are rare complications experienced when fractional lasers are used to treat scars. However, hyper-pigmentation may be experienced in patients with a dark skin or those prone to discoloration. This shortcoming can be curbed by pre-treating the patients with bleaching agents which minimises the discoloration. The second complication could be mild blistering. This could be as a result of using high power or high density lasers during treatment. The blisters are common on the chin and the temples of the patients but they eventually heal normally.

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