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Facts about Dysport Encino

Do you want to undergo Dysport treatment? If you have noticed developing wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead, this is the perfect treatment for you. That’s because Dysport treatment uses the protein Dysport, which is from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.

It was used previously in treating muscular spasms, for example, cerebral palsy that is involuntary. Dysport treatment has many heath and cosmetic benefits. That’s because it offers a protein combination that’s small and spreads better in the body. That enables you to achieve a forehead that’s natural, soft and even after treatment. In this guide, we look at 6 benefits of Dysport treatment.

Dysport Encino
They Are:

  • Spreads Evenly

When compared to other treatments, Dysport gives your face a natural look. That’s because Dysport contains low concentrations of protein that give your face a soft and natural look after treatment.

  • Painless

Dysport gets injected in minimal amounts directly into your facial muscles. Medical professionals use 3-5 small injections that do not result in any pain.

  • No Anesthesia

Doctors only numb the treatment area. That’s because since it’s a painless procedure, they do not require you to undergo anesthesia.

  • Facial Lines and Neck Pain

Dysport gets injected into facial muscles that cause frown lines when constricted. Doctors also use it in the treatment of Cervical Dystonia, which causes neck muscles to contract, involuntarily, causing pain.

  • Least Side Effects

Dysport uses injections that disintegrate after a few months. The only side effects that you will experience are bruising and mild abrasion. That’s around the injection sites.

You may also experience mild headaches that can be cured by painkillers. That’s after the procedure. Skin rashes and flu-like symptoms may also occur.

They are usually temporary. You should consult your doctor in the case that these side effects persist.

  • Lasts Longer

Dysport treatments use minimal amounts of proteins. That enables your immune system to respond positively to this treatment, ensuring that it lasts longer.

Why You Should Consult Our Petra MediSpa Staff

  • Our Medi Spa staffs are experts in Dysport treatment procedures. That’s because they have the necessary qualifications to carry out this medical procedure.
  • They have experience in the discharge of Dysport treatment. That ensures that you have peace of mind as you undergo treatment.
  • Before any treatment, they will examine you to find out about any allergies. That ensures that you get minimum side effects after treatment.
  • They are also professional and friendly as you undergo your treatment sessions. That means that you will enjoy your visits to our Spa and also quality services.
  • We have excellent customer care support in our facilities. You will receive answers to any queries, medical fee quotes and risks that may occur after treatment.


Undergoing Dysport treatment at Petra MediSpa should be easier using the above guide. The key points to remember are checking your health history and budget estimates before trying this procedure. You should contact or visit our customer care desk to book an appointment.

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