Liquid Face Lift


Petra Medi Spa will contour, sculpt and lift areas of the face to make you look younger without one incision being made. As we age it will show but with the many options for injectables like BOTOX®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, along with various dermal fillers can be used to create a non-surgical “Liquid Face lift.”Many will know when this is overdone, these injections can make you look older rather than younger and need to handled by a skilled medical operator who can create a natural look that will make you feel and look radiant.

What does a Liquid Facelift do?

Reduce wrinkles, lines and creases.

  • Subtly lift facial features
  • Improve eye bags, dark undereye circles, and sunkenness under the eyes.
  • Lift drooping corners of the mouth.
  • Hide bumps on the nose.
  • Create a fuller appearance in sunken areas.
  • Add volume to flattened cheeks or temples.
  • Rested & Refreshed Look
  • Younger Look
  • Create fuller lips.

 How long does it last?

If properly done a  Liquid Face Lift can last for 1-2 years if you have a full correction. All injections do not have to happen in the same sit down, you can do this in multiple sessions.


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