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Unwanted veins on the hands, face, legs and body can cause a lot of embarrassment. Covering veins with makeup can be nearly impossible due to their dark color that contrasts so much against skin tone. Because of this, many women and men who suffer from unwanted spider veins seek medical treatment to permanently eliminate their spider veins.

At Petra Medi-Spa, our spider vein treatments are virtually pain-free and take only ten to fifteen minutes from start to finish. In order to target the unwanted spider veins, we use a laser that targets the pigmentation in the vein, sending a blast of laser energy to that pigment and essentially obliterating the vein. During the spider vein treatment, the vein should close permanently, and begins to fade away. Some spider veins disappear from the patient’s body immediately following the laser treatment while others might take a month or two to completely fade away. However, the end result is the same – beautiful, even-toned skin unmarred by a criss-cross of unsightly spider veins.

To permanently obliterate an unwanted spider vein, it can take anywhere from a single treatment to three or four spider vein treatments. It always depends upon the patient’s particular body and vasculature, although most spider veins can be effectively eliminated in two to three easy, pain-free treatments. The beauty of spider vein treatments is that the patient no longer has to worry about the embarrassment of covering up their body, and can show off their arms, legs and face without worrying about people staring at their unwanted spider veins.


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